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Be realistic. Adoptive and foster parents only get about 3 minutes of privacy every day…your potty break. And yeah….we know that’s when you check your social media accounts. We are here to help you use those 3 minutes to reach those unrealistic goals….read that book about how to raise special needs kids, go to that training by that super parent that has it all together. So ignore the whining and knocking at the bathroom door, relax and know the next three minutes are just for you. Don’t forget to flush and wash your hands.

Here are all of our current published episodes. If you are looking for topics or series, use the menu above, or just head over to our youtube channel and take a look at out playlists.

The Adoptive Parents Biggest Mistake That Hinders Attachment – And How to fix it.

We are continuing our series on the difficulty of loving difficult kids. In this episode we will uncover the biggest mistake parent can make which will make it even more difficult to look lovingly at a child who has suffered complex traumas.

Watch to the end and will will bust through 6 myths adoptive and foster parents buy into. When we bust through these myths this monumental task will get easier (not easy)


Our gift to adoptive and foster parents everywhere with a reminder to smile. 🙂