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My Weekly Church Service

We have an exciting opportunity to tell you about! Many foster and adoptive parents aren't able to attend church services because of their children's struggles. It's challenging to find a church set up to work with children who have special needs or whose behaviors are difficult to manage. It's also…

“I Haven’t Given Up”

As we pulled out of the driveway, I was very aware of my bad attitude. I’d been giving and giving to my daughter, and the only thing she’d been giving back to me was sass and attitude. I knew that taking her to Sacramento for the Revolve Tour, a conference…

Top nine supplements for treating autism symptoms

April 2, 2016 was World Autism Awareness Day. Research indicates that children entering foster care with autism are much more likely to have failed placements and need higher level of care due to their challenging behaviors. My clinical work and personal experience lead me to believe that there are more…
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