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Potty Break Episode?8

Boundaries With Kids

This is a heartwarming story of an abused child with a HUGE anxiety problem. It illustrates the often overlooked anxiety reduction technique of setting boundaries with kids. They are often anxious because they feel out of control and they don’t know what to expect.

In this episode we continue part 3/3?of dealing with children’s anxiety during the holidays. Today’s tip: Setting firm limits with kids helps them to feel safe and secure.

Wise parents make sure the kids always know this is for their benefit. We want them to see us as a wise benevolent yet powerful ruler who only wants good things for them, not an angry tyrant who will get his own way through power and intimidation.

Show Notes

Potty Break is a series of daily training and encouragement videos for foster and adoptive parents…designed to be watched during those precious few minutes that you can find some alone time….your potty break.

Links and products from today’s show

Here is a great book for ALL types of parents that discusses suggestions for being a good boundary setter. ?Boundaries with Kids?

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