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Stopping the Non-Stop Questions - Four Creative Solutions - Forever Homes

Adopted and foster kids can ask questions due to anxiety, control issues, or just a lack of skills. Here are some creative ideas I’ve used in my home and in my practice to help heal the underlying issues leading to this annoying problem.

There are four creative solutions that some parents have found helpful in addressing the underlying causes of this annoying habit.

  1. Answer the Question behind the question. If answering the question doesn’t stop the behavior, then it probably is not the actual question.
  2. Guide them to answering the question themselves.
  3. Help them identify and express the underlying emotion and/or need leading to the question.
  4. Use a token system and a FUN (not punitive)? way to help them to limit themselves on the number of questions they ask.

For examples and more details, be sure to watch the video!

?About Potty Break

Potty Break is a series of training and encouragement videos for foster and adoptive parents…designed to be watched during those precious few minutes that you can find some alone time….your potty break. (Parents of kids with other special needs are free to listen in 🙂 – most techniques we suggest are effective for kids that have other types of trauma and neurological developmental issues.

Lynn Owens
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Lynn Owens

Lynn is the co-founder of Forever Homes, and Owner of Canyon Lakes Family Counseling Center, a Mental Health Clinic, where he specializes in treating adopted and foster children. He has over 20 years experience in Residential Care, Foster Care and adoption. Combined he and his wife have parented about 100 kids.
Lynn Owens
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