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Show Notes

How do we become better at helping kids with self regulation struggles? Kids are going to struggle more during the holidays! There is often more change during this season than any other. There are school breaks, holiday parties, cooking, shopping, stress, cold, and more.

In this episode Jennie and Lynn discuss some tips parents can use to maintain as much consistency as possible.

1. Scheduling Time for your child in age appropriate blocks. Be sure to include fun time, heavy play, meals and chores.
2. Use a visual chart so that kids can see what is going to happen.

Links and products from this video

Our Pintrest page with some ideas of visual schedules that you may find helpful. There are also some links to charts you can print and use if you are not feeling very crafty.

Or just buy a quick and easy visual schedule here:
Melissa and Doug Daily Calendar:?

Melissa & Doug Kids’ Magnetic Calendar and Responsibility Chart Set With 120+ Magnets to Track Schedules, Tasks, and Behaviors:?

About Potty Break

Potty Break is a series of daily training and encouragement videos for foster and adoptive parents…designed to be watched during those precious few minutes that you can find some alone time….your potty break. (Parents of kids with other special needs are free to listen in 🙂 – most techniques we suggest are effective for kids that have other types of trauma and neurological developmental issues.

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