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We needed a change. After an intense 12 years of parenting children from hard places and coming along side of other foster and adoptive families, we were in need of personal rejuvenation. All in all we?d parented over 100 children and helped over 1,000 families. We were tired, but we were not finished. We desperately needed to recover.

What would that look like? We started out trying to just change direction while continuing on in our regular routine. It didn?t take long to see that that wasn?t going to work.

After we realized we needed a drastic change, our first thought was?sailing trip! We excitedly planned and looked for a sailboat that would meet our needs.

Eventually, we landed on spending a year traveling in an RV. We spent six months renovating and selling our home before purchasing our 42 foot Jayco Pinnacle and embarking on our adventure.

You Can follow us on our new website as we seek out margin, beauty and adventure!