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We have an exciting opportunity to tell you about!

Many foster and adoptive parents aren’t able to attend church services because of their children’s struggles. It’s challenging to find a church set up to work with children who have special needs or whose behaviors are difficult to manage. It’s also hard to find others who understand, so parents sometimes feel judged by people who mean well but just don’t get it.

George and Wendi Miller led worship at the Rejuvenate Retreat near Seattle. Not only was worship amazing, but they really got the struggle of the moms who attended. George and Wendi have started an online worship service community that is open to all foster and adoptive parents. They share very short messages and worship clips (which we all know can be important at times, because we don’t always have a lot of time).

If you’d be interested in being a part of this online community, click on this link and request to be added. It’s a closed group in order to make it a safe place for people to share.