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Many of the moms who attend the Rejuvenate Retreat have experienced much trauma in the process of parenting deeply wounded little ones. The stretches and movements of yoga can be incredibly healing for those who have experienced trauma, so we are excited to have?Erin Heyamoto at Rejuvenate Retreat in Eastern Washington March 17-19, 2017. She will be teaching a yoga class on Saturday afternoon.

There are two more days to sign up. To register, click here.

Here’s a little more about Erin:

“My name is Erin and I love yoga. My belief is that yoga is for everybody and it should be fun. I never take myself too seriously and that doesn’t change in my yoga practice.

“After curiously walking by hot yoga studios wondering ‘what happened’ inside, I took my first Power Vinyasa yoga class in 2007 to find out…and I knew instantly it was going to change the course of my life. My yoga mat has become my ‘home base,’ a place that I know and love and where can give myself a little grace in a crazy world. The moment I step onto my mat, whether as a student or instructor, I feel an immediate sense of peace, strength and joy. Often you will see me practicing wit a smile on my face!

“Feeling rejuvenated and encouraged, yoga quickly evolved into a passion and a personal calling for me. Within the last year, I have dedicated more of myself to my yoga practice, implementing it daily both on and off the mat. After taking a little time off when I had my daughter, my return to yoga was a very different experience. After one practice back in the hot room, I felt the overwhelming call to become a teacher and share the gift of yoga with everyone around me.

You don’t have to be bendy or in perfect shape to do yoga. It is a ‘come as you are practice.’ Grab your mat, bring n open mind, wear a smile and come practice a little grace with me! I’m blessed to have an amazing husband and a wonderfully spirited little girl. Sharing yoga with them and watching her experience asanas overflows my cup with love. Can you tell I love to teach yoga? When I’m not in the hot room, you can find me in the mountains and vice versa.”

Erin’s Credentials:

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance

Studied with Baron Baptiste in Sedona, AZ and Paige Elenson with Bethany Lyons in Phoenicia, NY

Studied Hands-On Assisting with Leah Cullis and Paige Elensen in Austin, TX

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Teaching Experience in Multiple Studios in Western Washington