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Hi my name is Wana and I have Serenity Therapeutic Massage. I was asked by members of this group to gather therapist to bless the women that are coming to this retreat and in much need of TLC because like any moms know, you put everyone first before yourself. As massage therapist not only is it our job to relax and help you in any way we can but it’s something that’s instill in us from day one not only in our hearts but in our Gifted Hands.

What the group of ladies didn’t know is that I myself was adopted by a Miracle at the age of 6. As I’ve gotten older and look back on life and see what it took to bring me here and see what the sacrifice that not only my parents but my other two siblings did to make us feel part of the family is something that no one could ever describe the feeling of. Just like some of you moms are probably going through right now and or in the future when your child gets older and starts asking the questions WHY it becomes very difficult and you feel disconnected. Know that it’s not anything you’re doing right or wrong, answer the questions to the best of your ability and always be honest.

My team and i are very excited to meet and interact with all. And give you the much needed time to your self to

Relax-Breath & Escape



Serenity Therapeutic Massage