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Maggie is an artist, first and foremost, who has been able to integrate her passion into her career. She has a Masters in Art Therapy and currently works as the Art Therapist for a therapeutic day school in Brookfield, WI. Maggie is compassionate about helping those that need it the most. She works with children under the Autism Spectrum and other behavioral disorders. Maggie fully understands the struggle that these misunderstood children deal with on a daily basis and can only admire the hard work and stamina the families have for these children. Art, in many ways, gives these children a voice that they may not always be able to utilize.

Maggie is excited to bring the creative process to the lovely women at the Rejuvenate Retreat. Art can be more than busy work or a distraction. It can be forever inspiring and give breath to a new life that awaits.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ? Pablo Picasso