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Dana is from Spokane, WA, and currently working on her Integrated Medicine Health Coach certification. She has dealt with autoimmune disease, been fat, fatigued and frazzled, super toxic, stumped doctors and almost lost hope.

By solving her own autoimmune puzzle, her mission now is to help and educate others on their journey back to health. Dana?s journey started 11 years ago, with a car accident during pregnancy, that put her in the hospital on a 60-day emotional roller coaster ride. Muscle atrophy, helplessness, emotional pain, abnormal tests results and exhaustion almost got the best of her. Dana began asking ?Why is my body failing me??

Making it her life’s mission to find answers, Dana was all in. With research and focus, she reversed her autoimmune disease naturally, and learned that the body is magnificent and when given the right fuel, has the energy to propel forward into a state of regeneration and healing.

Dana absolutely loves meeting new people and is energized each time she can help solve someone’s unique health crisis by getting to their root causes. Ready to take control of your health?

Dana will be leading the following workshops:

Self-care Routine for Daily Success:?Do you know why self care is important? And more importantly, do you regularly do it? Dana will take the mystery out of self care, and provide solutions to properly fuel your lifestyle with simple daily self-care habits for optimal performance of your mind, body, and soul.

Essential Oils for the Stressful Mom Life:?Learn how essential oils can lift your spirits and positively impact your health and mood.

Essential Oil Rollerball Workshop:?Dana will guide you through finding the best blend for your busy life and walk you through the process of making your own essential oil rollerball.

Properly Support Your Stressed Out Body:?Life happens. Therefore, stress happens. Learn how to lessen the negative impact stress has on the body. Dana will share what kinds of foods and supplements can be utilized to support the body during times of stress.