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Foster and adoptive moms: Join us March 17-19, in Newport, WA,?to?learn about how turning cereal boxes into beads is keeping families together (and preventing poverty orphans!) in Haiti, while trying your hands at rolling them yourselves!? This class will be taught by Kristin Wilkinson, a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope, who went to Haiti last year and will share from her experiences.


Who is Kristin?

Ever since she was a little girl, Kristin has had a heart burdened by the plight of orphans. She felt certain that God had called her to adopt, and she and her husband had even begun researching agencies, when life threw them a curveball in the form of their beautiful, precious firstborn daughter, who was officially diagnosed with autism last year. This unexpected shift in plans left the door to adoption closed for her family (at least for now) but fortunately God opened another in the process: a way to become involved in preventing children from being orphaned in the first place! Kristin?s work with Trades of Hope is keeping families together all over the world by creating sustainable, dignified work for mothers at risk of abandoning their children to orphanages. Last year Kristin was able to travel to Haiti with Trades of Hope and spent a week with the artisans she partners with in Port au Prince, where she was blessed to witness first-hand the lives that are being transformed by this beautiful partnership. And the greatest blessing is that Kristin has found a way to make an impact around the world while staying at home to care for her daughters through this season of life. She is so excited to share with you how what was discarded is being turned into beauty that is keeping families together in Haiti through the creation of cereal box beads, and how you can be part of the work of orphan prevention around the world!