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We are so excited to announce another speaker for the Pennsylvania Rejuvenate Retreat, coming up October 20-22, 2017!

Jamie Finn is the biological, adoptive, and foster mother of six children. When she’s not homeschooling, changing diapers, playing Pokemon, pureeing baby food, and singing Let it Go, she spends her time blogging at Foster the Family and speaking to current and prospective foster parents. Jamie is passionate about inspiring people to get involved in foster care and adoption, as well as encouraging those who are.

Jamie will be sharing a couple of break out sessions:

More Than the Child – Learning to Love Everyone?Else?Involved In Foster Care: As foster moms, we know we should love the children in our care, but what about the workers, judges, biological parents, and other foster parents who can be so hard to deal with? This breakout will share personal experience, helpful truths, and practical tips for relating to and learning to love everyone else involved in foster care.?

Foster Caring Community: Being a foster parent can be confusing and difficult, and all too often, foster moms are at it on their own. This breakout will explore what it looks like to live in community as a foster parent. We will discuss relating to others who may not understand, creating a foster care community where you are, inspiring others to get involved in foster care, using the internet to find “community”, and other ideas to keep you from feeling isolated as a foster parent.

You can learn more about Jamie on her blog.

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