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Many children who have had significant trauma have a very hard time regulating emotion. Emotional regulation is a skill that is developed over time. Infants don’t have any. When they have displeasure, they cry. Toddlers have?more?control and as we grow we learn that we do not have to exhibit a rage response to every little stressor that comes our way.

What if we did not have that capacity? What if every stressor that came our way overwhelmed the normal brain function that allowed us to regulate life’s little annoyances? For many children this capacity is severely diminished and we need to implement some interventions that teach them to self regulate. It is sometimes funny and often annoying when an 2 year old has a tantrum. It is a lot less funny and WAY MORE DANGEROUS when a 13 year old has the same tantrum.

Here is a hilarious look at what life may be like if adults had those same tantrums.