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Potty Break Episode 7

Wondering how to?help kids reduce?anxiety during the holidays? In this episode we continue part 2/3 of dealing with children’s anxiety during the holidays. Today’s tips: How to help kids breath to relax and how to teach them to play in a way that fights anxiety.

Additional thoughts?not in the video:

As a therapist I tried for years to figure out a way to get kids to do breathing exercises. We know that good mindfulness practices can be so helpful to treating anxiety and stress that I wanted them to try it. Getting an explosive child explosive to breath?is challenging when angry. For kids that are anxious we had a hard time getting them into the routine because frankly, it’s boring. Additionally,?often these kids have very poor control and awareness of their bodies and have a hard time regulating their breathing.

Enter: Sesame Street App. It was just different?enough that when a kid started melting down I’d say, “looks like your upset, lets play a video game.” They would stop their meltdown and sit down long enough to get to the breathing part of the game.

The heart math system teaches kids to regulate?their body in a fun way. As long as we provide external motivation for hitting certain milestones (prizes), they will engage daily if it is part of their routine. If you are going to pickup the heart math for your kids know this: The iOs app and hardware is half the price and is portable enough to use in the car or in a waiting room somewhere. However, it lacks the games that are on the mac/pc version.

Show Notes:

Potty Break is a series of daily training and encouragement videos for foster and adoptive parents…designed to be watched during those precious few minutes that you can find some alone time….your potty break.

Links and products from today’s show:


Tools and Resources: How to help kids reduce anxiety mentioned in this episode

Sesame Street Breathe:

Heart Math:

EmwavePro (for mac & pc)

Inner Balance (for ios devices)

Vagus Nerve


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