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Rejuvenate Retreat is partnering with the nonprofit organization, Partners Through Art, to provide a unique experience for retreat attendees. Karla Parbon, M.A., will be leading the women who choose to attend her class through an activity that uses dance-like movements to promote emotional healing, called Healing Movements: Connecting our Mind and Body. This workshop will focus on calming the mind to inspire greater connections between the heart and soul using basic visual and movement concepts. We will discover how movement produces the ability to bring greater self-awareness and inspired thinking to bring peace and tranquility. Through the use of the arts, we will discover how to strengthen the relationship between the body, soul and mind; promoting the individual?s ability to seek self-care in a safe and supporting environment.

Karla A. Parbon, M.A. ? As a dancer, educator, and choreographer, Karla has dedicated her life and profession to the art of dance. With a B.A. in Psychology with a focus in Women?s Studies and M.A. in Theology with an emphasis in Dance, Karla?s specialty is in connecting art, spirituality and the human experience. Currently, Karla serves as the Dance Program Director at Whitworth University and dance faculty at Gonzaga University. Whether it?s inspiring young artists, victims of social injustice, or integrating the arts into education, Karla is consistently discovering innovative avenues to help and inspire others to find hope and a voice through artistic expression.

We are so excited to have Karla join us in Eastern Washington! There are still spots left – find out more information or register here.