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Here are some of the people that make it all happen

Forever Homes is an all volunteer organization. We have no staff on payroll, but we do have an amazing group of people who have worked tirelessly to support, encourage and empower foster and adoptive parents. Here are some of them:


Jennie Owens
Jennie Owens
Co-Founder & Speaker
Lynn Owens


Rejuvenate Retreat Staff

Laura Brinkman, LMT
Massage Coordinator
Michele Schneidler
Amanda Daniels
Retreat Coordinator
Comedy Sportz
Comedy Sportz Improv
Improv Troupe
Abby Mortenson
Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor
Angie Konitzer – Counselor
Maggie Davis – Art Instructor
Melissa Drew
Laurie Sheehan
Retreat Staff
Joanna Martin
Director & Speaker
Dana Reinke
Christy Weitz
Fitness Instructor
Dani Dodge
Art Instructor
Shannon Banna
Art Instructor
Amber Harris
George & Wendi Miller
Worship Leaders