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We are excited to announce that Wendi and George Miller will be coming to Rejuvenate Retreat in Eastern Washington to lead worship after sessions for those who want to participate.

George and Wendi Miller, from Maple Valley, WA, are a husband and wife team. They have been married for 14 years in March, and have 3 kids. Together they have held various ministerial positions such as Young Adults/Young Married?s Pastors, Small Groups Leaders, Worship Leaders as well as holding various church staff positions. Wendi, who is a graduate of Northwest University, has a Bachelor?s Degree in Music. She has been actively involved in leading worship for the last 17 years. George has 3 year of Bible Collage for Pastoral Ministries. George has experience of 29 years of worship ministry, as well 23 years of various Pastoral positions.

George and Wendi are very passionate for what God has called them too. They have a passion to speak life and healing into those in need. George and Wendi have an extended passion to see people free; to experience God?s presence, love, and restoration through the power of the Holy Spirit in worship and teaching as well all the ministries that they put their hands too.