My husband and I have three biological and three adopted children. We started doing foster care before we had children of our own, but then we took a break for a few years, until our children were a bit older and my husband finished Medical school and most of his Residency Program. We were involved with the Foster Care system for a few years and had children in our lives for varying lengths of time, before we were able to adopt our daughter.? We adopted a biological sister and brother from Russia a few years later. All three of these children were older when we adopted them (11, 13, 15), and this comes with its own set of issues.

For a short season in our lives, my husband and I had six teenagers, which has led to 24 stockings being hung in our living room this past Christmas, as our family has continued to expand with all the in-laws and grandchildren.? Currently we have 10 grandchildren with more on the way.

During the early years of our children?s lives, I primarily was a stay-at-home mother. We homeschooled, private schooled, used public school, and the cyber-charter school system over the years. I believe this variety in educational experiences gave me insight to be a family and student advocate on the school board I currently serve on for Achievement House Cyber Charter School. I coached sports from the College level all the way down to our local little league programs, and I also taught school and subbed for a few years. I served in a variety of roles in churches including: youth work, worship and prayer teams, women?s ministry, and other areas as well.

I am currently back in school getting my master?s degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling. I also am blessed to be at the stage in life where I get to help take care of my grandchildren and my mother quite frequently. These roles bless me immensely and keep me quite busy, and I am honored to provide my mom with the love and nurture she provided me all my life.

This little biography might make me sound like I?ve had a wonderful, rich, and full life – ?and indeed I have. However, it is what you are NOT able to see between the lines, that convinces me of GOD?s faithfulness in all the ups and downs of life. Trauma, death, addiction, mental illness, divorce, sickness, sexual assault?. these are the substances that help paint the picture of my world and our sphere of life as a family. There is no shortcut through pain, no explaining away heartache, nor extinguishing lingering fears, failures, and doubts with a simple prayer or church attendance. Life is rich, but life is also riddled with potholes big enough to break even the largest and strongest trucks. It is what I?ve seen GOD do, after running into the potholes, that enlarges my faith in HIS realness and goodness. Broken, but blessed, this is my life.