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Amber Harris? gift and passion is to bring healing, humor and joy to insurmountable difficulty.

At the age of 5 she contracted Legionnaire?s disease which permanently scarred her lungs leaving her with a fraction normal lung function. Her parents were told her condition would be progressive and she would likely not survive to graduate high school. Her childhood and teen years were marked by recurrent pneumonias, countless hospitalizations and medical tests. During those years, it crossed her mind numerous times how much easier it would be to end it all?but God was working. He was raising up a warrior and an advocate for women who struggle. The adversities she faced helped her to develop insight into overcoming the impossible and even finding profound joy using her sharp wit and humor.

Now at 44 years old, and married for 24 years, her greatest joy is to be a mother of 5 adopted children. She has learned to survive and work around her physical limitations but more importantly, has found joy in life?s absurdities. Just to keep her life interesting, three of her children have special needs and one is globally delayed with a ?rare? genetic disorder?like 7 or 8 others in the world ?rare?. At 9 years old, he weighs in at 190 pounds and enjoys chasing his cat around the neighborhood wearing nothing but a Batman cape and his infectious smile. Did she mention the 6 year old kleptomaniac? If not, you will not want to miss this truly unique opportunity to give yourself permission to?dare we say it? Laugh. Her disarming and palpable authenticity gives her the ability to connect with women from all backgrounds and invites them to share in her vulnerability.

Amber will be leading workshops that will focus on finding humor and joy in the midst of chaos and pain. She will explore what scripture teaches us about the topic and how to discern humor from mockery. You are invited to share in the healing power of laughter.
She has valuable experience in international, domestic, private and agency adoption. She is a fierce advocate for special needs children and those that care for them.