Rejuvenate Retreat

Looking for a retreat for foster and adoptive moms that has the sole focus of nurturing moms?

Then you are looking for The Rejuvenate Retreat. You can join with other mom’s in the trenches while receiving encouragement and rejuvenation. 

You’ll be pampered and encouraged to rest and relax. You’ll be able to take a breath and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Enjoy worship, encouraging, faith-based messages and times to share struggles and victories with moms who understand what you’re going through.

Activities – or the Lack Thereof

Really – Rejuvenate has a schedule with opportunites for activity and interaction with women who “get you,” but you know if you need a yoga lesson or a nap – an encouraging message or a walk through the woods. All women are encouraged to freely choose what they want to do. Rejuvenate is a GUILT FREE ZONE. Here are some of the activites we are preparing for you (these may vary by location).

Get Active



Giant Swing


Get Pampered


Spa Treatments

Tea Party

Tons of Gifts/Prizes

Get Healthy


Fitness Classes

Health Seminars

Take a Nap

Get Smiling


Art Classes




Encouraging Messages

Fun & Laughter


I felt like I could allow myself to rest and be taken care of! I was able to find a piece of myself again.


Rejuvenate Retreat Eastern Oregon

“I came home and was laughing in the car about something from the retreat and My daughter who is 10 and has been with us four years said twice, “Mom, I have never heard you laugh like that.” Got some BIG laughter infusion back in my life. I also came home to an email from one that had covered me in prayer.


Rejuvenate Retreat Seattle

Please know that you made a difference in the life of this mom. I work for Fostering Washington, but I am the only licensed caregiver for my Valley…So not only can I not give support directly, but I never received it… until this weekend. Thank you.”


Rejuvenate Retreat Seattle

Retreat Locations for 2018

Rejuvenate Washington

October 5-7, 2018
Auburn, WA

Rejuvenate Pennsylvania

October 19-21
Lebanon, PA

“We broke into small groups on the first day and were going around the circle answering questions about ourselves…When it was my turn I blurted out that we were in a tough place with my adopted daughter who is headed to juvenile prison next week and I just really wanted help navigating this system…Wouldn’t you know it the mama sitting right next to me has a son currently in Echo Glenn and told me she had me covered and could explain everything. I felt like 10,000 lbs had been lifted off of me in that moment. I was able to fully enjoy the rest of the retreat knowing that someone else was in a similar position and could give us guidance. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing all of these women together in one place. This retreat meant so much to me!”


Rejuvenate Retreat Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the nature of the event, the moms involved have agreed that having children on the retreats may prevent other moms attending from experiencing the rejuvenation they need.

Yes! Before we move into a new geographic region we want to identify a local site director and gather support from the adoption and foster care community – including local agencies and churches. If you would like to be a part of this process contact Jennie Owens.

Possibly. We are actively seeking new locations for the Rejuvenate Retreat. We anticipate several new locations to be in added in the next year.

Refunds of the entire amount minus a $50 cancellation fee will be given up to 30 days before the retreat. Up until this time, you may also transfer the full payment toward another Rejuvenate Retreat, either toward the next year’s registration at the same location or to another date/location.

30-14 days prior to  retreat, you may receive a refund of half of the registration price or may transfer 75% of the payment toward another Rejuvenate Retreat.

No refunds will be given within 14 days of retreat, however your registration fee may be transferred to another participant. If you know of someone who would like to attend in your place, let us know; otherwise we will offer the space to a mom who has expressed interest but has been unable to pay her way.

The organizers and speakers at the retreat are Christians. They may use the Bible as a teaching tool during the general sessions and some of the general sessions conclude with worship music.  Our goal is to help Moms of all faiths to rejuvenate.

Rooms are assigned at check-in. The first person to arrive from each party can sign up everyone in their group.

For larger groups, contact us and we will set aside rooms ahead of time.

  • Linens: Some room options provide linens. Some retreat centers provide them for an extra fee. Otherwise, bring a sleeping bag or linens and blankets (most beds are twin but there are a few double and queen beds) 
  • Towel & Wash cloth or bath sponge: Unless you are choosing a room that provides linens, you will need to bring a towel and wash cloth or bath sponge.
  • Pillow: Unless you are choosing a room that provides linens, you will need to bring a pillow.
  • Toiletries
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Hair dryer
  • Prescriptions and vitamins
  • Book to read
  • Items for your favorite hobby (We will have activities available, including the supplies for arts and crafts; however you may want to bring your own craft supplies, musical instrument or anything else that you enjoy doing.)
  • Snacks (Food and some snacks will be provided, but you may want to bring some of your own, especially for the late night activities like the PJ Party Game Night)
  • Workout Clothes (If you want to participate in one of the fitness classes provided at the retreat or go for a nature walk, you may want to bring workout clothes.)

What to Leave Home:

  • Worries and stress
  • Perfume (Some women are allergic to perfume…let’s make this a pleasant experience for everyone)

Typically between 100-150 women come to each retreat. While for some this may seem like a large number, we provide many opportunities to get to know other moms in smaller, more intimate settings throughout the weekend.

Nope. We are all adults and you can use the weekend for what you need. If that includes some of the planned activities, we are honored to have helped you rejuvenate. If not, that’s ok too. We want you to do whatever will help you experience rejuvenation.

It depends on the ticket you have purchased. Some private accommodations are available at most of our retreat centers for an additional cost.

When shared rooms are used we have planned so that no upper bunks are used when rooms are so equipped.