Get to see the therapist without an appointment!

Welcome to Potty Break – Office Visit. No appointment, no travel, and no waitlist!

As a therapist that specializes in Adoption & Foster Care issues I get overwhelmed with the number of people who want to get an appointment with me but can not. While there are a lot of things I do that are specific to any given child, I do find that I am repeating myself A LOT! I am in a unique situation to see the common threads running through adoptive and foster families and want to pass along  all that I am learning from these amazing families.

While our motto is, “From our Bathroom to Yours,” I believe that these repetitive moments need to be recorded so that everyone has access to them – without an appointment – so I am recording these directly from my office.

[hey parents – insert your own legal jargon and disclaimer here about how these videos do not replace medical advice from a trained therapist]

Office Visit